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Blockchain Engineering

Fullstack Development in Ethereum, Hyperledger, Bitcoin

Blockchain is a new highly secure technology that allows fraud control, transparency, decentralization of resources, lower transaction or management costs, increased efficiency, and a new way to market and sell products and services.
We can help you choose the best type of blockchain for your needs, build it, configure it and manage it.

Cannot Be Corrupted







Smart Contracts Development & Review

What Is A Smart Contract?

The blockchain can also contain software applications that automatically perform specific tasks when some pre-defined conditions are met. 
These programs are called smart contracts since, like a real contract, they specify what has to happen under certain circumstances.
For example, a smart contract could instruct the blockchain network to transfer money to an individual recipient upon the completion of a job.
The transfer would be automatic and would not depend on any further action.
Smart contracts can also regulate interchanges between machines and other programs.
There are many possible applications for smart contracts, and we can help you define and develop them.

Attention Tokens Marketing

Users are tired of highly aggressive marketing strategies that capture everything they do on the Web and then sell the information to advertisers.
They want to be in control of their inbox, their time and their attention.
Blockchain technology allows the development of new real permission-marketing techniques.
The user is no more the “product” but can choose what to see and also be rewarded for seeing it. It is a new way of marketing that growing very fast.
We can help you master it and gain an advantage on your competitors.

Create Your Private Ecosystem

The blockchain is the basic building block for creating your own private “currency”. You can create a market and ecosystem centered on your brand. Let your customers interact with you and with each other for a totally new e-commerce experience.

Cryptocurrency Wallet & Node Configuration

Wallets are software or hardware systems which can contain one or multiple digital currencies belonging to an individual or organization. The correct setup and securing of such wallets is paramount to guarantee that the digital assets will always be protected and recoverable.
Nodes are components of a blockchain network which have a copy of all past transactions and which can participate in the network’s activity.
Setting up nodes properly is essential for both trading and mining (minting digital coins).
We can help you choose the right wallet or node for your needs and set it up correctly.

Platform Benchmarking

Choosing and implementing the right blockchain can be challenging. Performance and scalability can easily become issues when the number of users and applications grow.

By benchmarking your platform you will make sure to have the right power when you’ll need it.

What Can We Do For You?

CryptoEnsemble is a consulting and engineering company specialized in blockchain technology with the ability to use versatile talents and off the shelf software to provide enterprise-ready solutions.